Evergreen content is timeless content which does not expire. It remains relevant, either by being continually updated over time or by defining something which will not change. Examples of evergreen content are below.

evergreen branchContinually updated content

Content which is continually updated is evergreen content. Here are a couple of examples:

  • On this website is my list of Yik Yak arrests. Yik Yak is an “anonymous” social app. Unfortunately, sometimes people use this app to send threatening messages. They are arrested shortly thereafter. Their arrest is added to my timeline.
  • The US Debt Clock. This is a real time clock which shows the amount of debt the United States has.

Content which does not change

This type of evergreen content remains the same forever. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Lucky Gunner’s 5.56 vs .223 ammo guide explains the difference between 2 very similar rounds. The document is around 30 pages long and full of detailed information.
  • Wikipedia’s page on the Ford Model T. If anything changes, I’m pretty sure Wikipedians will be all over it, but, I can’t foresee much changing with the definition of a Model T.

The SEO benefits of unique evergreen content

The Yik Yak article above is a unique list which nobody else has compiled. This is one piece of content on this site which has been viewed tens of thousands of times, shared on social, and linked to from all over the web.

I’m sure Lucky Gunner’s ammo article has led to them getting thousands of links. This drastically increases the power of their website. If you google “cheap 9mm ammo” you will see them in the #1 spot. This absolutely makes them a successful online retailer. There are those who sell small amounts of ammo online and those who make millions. I’m sure LG is the latter.

When I have a content client I try to give them at least 1 good piece of evergreen content like this for their website which isn’t too time consuming to maintain.

Other evergreen content ideas:

  • Knowledge bases
  • FAQs which are updated
  • Maintain a list of the top 10 things in your industry (eg: the 10 most popular WordPress plugins)
  • Everything. Forget all the evergreen hype! Keep all of the pages on your site up to date to begin with.

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