Today I opened up my web browser and headed on over to Google Finance ( and I was not happy and users are sure to be upset as well.

Everything was in the red, but to make matter much, much worse, the Google Finance page has undergone some kind of major change. What used to be a simple tool has been molested and broken.

Here’s a screenshot of the “new and improved” Google Finance:

Here’s a screenshot of the old Google Finance:

Why did Google Finance change?!

Was this updated due to feedback of users or did an engineer decide this would somehow provide a better user experience?

Google announced this change back in November 2017, but most users are just now experiencing the new finance site in March 2018.

The change was overdue as the original page, which had not been updated in many years, was not mobile friendly. That means it did not work well on a mobile device. I still used it on a phone, I just had to “spread” the page out using a gesture (the opposite of pinching).

Can you get to the OLD Google Finance?

I will be sure to update this page if I discover a URL which takes you to the old, original Google Finance. As of March 19, 2018, I haven’t seen one.

What do you think of the new Google Finance?

I posted about the Yahoo Finance change back in 2015 and users were outraged.

Tell Google and the world below what you think of the new Google Finance (just keep it PG13 please).

I think it sucks!

  1. This redesign is an epic FAIL. Please Google bring back the old Google Finance!

    • Yes found Yahoo Finance which has lots of good features and useable but not perfect. Google has lost the plot!

  2. How do I get historical stock quotes from Google Finance now?

  3. I heavily relied on google finance, now I have to go back to my other less valuable sites…
    Would be glad to get the older version or an equivalent back.

  4. Most of the stocks users in Israel as I know including me, loved to use the old vefsion. Now I’m looking for use in othe, like yahoo etc…

  5. I hate the new google finance. Things I liked about the old one and depended on everyday

    1) News at the bottom of the chart timeline
    2) Add multiple tickers easily using a search window on the top left corner of the chart (automatically switches from numbers to %)
    3) Look at any custom time interval
    4) Shows percent gain/loss for any time interval (including custom timeline) at the top of the plot while also showing actual prices on the Y-axis (this is not available in Yahoo Finance even now)
    5) Time interval could be changed using a bar at the bottom of the chart
    6) YTD time interval option is missing in the new one
    7) Extended hours charting
    8) Indicators like moving averages
    9) RSI/MACD etc

    Much much more to like about old google finance, don’t have the time to list them all

    A classic example of smart people making bad decisions. Is there something we can do to get google to go back to the old pages? The no longer works.

    • Wow, thank you for the detailed comment. If we find a way to access the OLD Google Finance I will post it here right away…


  6. There are lots and lots of reasons to stop using Google. I gave up on Finance just recently, it was the last to go. Before that I gave up on News and before that Mail.

    They seem to be self destructing. No idea why since they had such a compelling presence to start with. My guess is simple anxiety at a corporate level; they just started wringing their collective hands and, in a panic, shot themselves in the foot.

    So long Google, we’ll all miss ya!

  7. The old google finance page was my go to for making daily trading decisions.
    The new google finance looks like something from the mid 90’s.
    The new google finance page is worthless.
    Nice job on downgrading your best website guys. 🙁
    BYE !

  8. Peole are naive to think that Gogle does not know the new side is bad. They had received enough feedback before this final switch. What I guess that Google will do a chargable service in future and you will pay to access the financial news etc related to each stock. Of course this is just my guess and let us see what happens.

  9. Most of the features that I used in the old Google Finance are gone. Yahoo Finance has been improved markedly in the past year; however, it lacks some of the tools that I used in Google Finance. Google would be more valuable if it transferred the software engineer who was responsible for these sadly deficient changes.

  10. I used the google finance page everyday. It kept me up to date on my stocks. It was my goto finance page on a daily basis. When I launched Chrome it was one of my startup pages. Now it is no longer part of my life, sigh.

  11. The new Google Finance sucks big time. Nearly all the features are gone – it’s like a tie-up wit Duplo! e.g.

    1. Does not keep a record of your portfolio
    2. Slider to pick any date range in the graph history and get zoomed in detail
    3. No stock specific news

    It’s been ‘nerfed’ as they say in gaming. Another reason why Google has gone from one of my few loved Silicon Valley firms to one of the internet demons. Killing products is their usual mode of operation but this dumbing down

  12. Google sheets googlefinance() not working

  13. For those of us who use Google Finance for their spreadsheet portfolio quotes and now find they are no longer working I have discovered that the following cell command works…

    Toronto Markets- TSE:BCE
    New York- NYSE:GM

  14. Google has gone AI and lost it’s mind it seems. My wife and I used the Finance site every day for reference to stocks. Now it’s useless. Bring back the old site old get out of the computer/mobile field altogether. Seems Google wants to play more with aviation and self driving autos now anyway.
    Lost Management.

    • Contacted Google Support. THEY HAVE NO SUPPORT for the FINANCE Platform. One can’t comment, there is no chat room, and the support people don’t even know who you can contact. So, sounds to me like they don’t care at all about us consumers out here. They did send me a survey about my support experience. What support? There isn’t any.

  15. I had been using Google Finance from within Google Sheets to fetch current yields for my portfolio, as well as other data. It allowed me to get up to date income from my portfolio, and integrated with my money management. Now my entire money management system is broken! Thanks, Google! NOT! The product manager for Google Finance should be FIRED!

  16. Very strange. I use a special (jailbroken) iPad 1.0 with that Safari browser, and Google Finance (pre March 2018 chg.) was the only finance/quote site that still worked. Now it is *completely* dark. It does not jump to a warning or message if you search for it from Google! It is hilarious! Google group SR12 does not even known what Google division F7 is doing. These guys at Google don’t even talk to one another. The old Google Finance site was basic, good quality and useful. But the new site has just disappeared – even from Google’s own radar.. I only got to this site, to read about the damage done, by using DuckDuckGo. What is much more serious, is that even Google itself cannot escape from the toxic effects of Google’s aggressive “filter bubbling”. If you try to use Google now for a legitimate search, you will clearly now receive aggressively filtered (one might simply say “censored”) results. This is a bit serious. Google’s “news hiding” efforts do however show that there are now niches where new companies and providers – perhaps with more honesty and transparency – might find opportunities. I like and respect what Google has accomplished, but censorship is always problematic and costly, and the changes to Google Finance are an engineered form of hard-core censorship. Is it evil? No, but it is more than a bit nasty.

  17. I hate the new change
    I used have easy to read charts which showed buying price and current price and change
    it totaled everything so at a glance you could see where you stood now its an unorganized listing that just shows current prices absolutely no good at all
    As a shareholder of google I am surprised they would come up with anything like this and think it was somehow better

    I gotta find a better solution this sucks

  18. Google on the way the six feet under. This is the retirement date – Google Finance unUPGRADE!

    • New version of Google Finance is like a high school web 2.0 design project done by George W.

  19. The new page really sucks. I tried to use it, but really inconvenient and less information. I gave up and is using Yahoo Finance now.

    This probably is the worst product from Google. I can not even believe it. The one who leads this project should get fired!!

  20. I am sorry to see how a fellow IITian who leads google now did something this bad. The old finance interface was great. If the directive for this change came from top-down, it’s a failure from Pachai’s part. If he is not aware of how frustrated users are with the new interface and the directive came from some higher-up group, it’s still a failure from Pichai’s part for oversight. I hope there is a real reason for this change. Otherwise, this is like throwing good money after bad.

  21. Just for grins today (May 5, 2018), I checked to see if Google had woken up and brought back the old finance page …

    Nope, the “new and worthless” page is still there. I might say this is clearly the biggest debacle since the “New” Coke, but I think this one is worse. At least, Coca Cola (KO) actually used market data (e.g., taste tests) to make their move.

    Is it just a fluke that Google is still way more off its 52-week high than the rest of the FAANG stocks? Just wondering.

  22. I miss the old interactive charts. A lot

  23. There has got to be something Google is really not telling us as to the reason, to go back to a 90’s format and take away instead of enhancing the user’s experience.

    Another user who does not see the point of going to google finance anymore

  24. google finance was something I really now it’s horrible I mean really horrible. I hope they bring the old charts back. I see no value in the new google finance. I’m not really fond of yahoo charts buy they are still light years ahead of the new google garbage layout.


    • That is the best idea I’ve ever heard from someone who types in all caps. (seriously)

  26. Anyone found any option to get OHLC data for stocks from google finance?

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