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A video which has been played for 1 second or longer counts as a viewed video on Snapchat.

With Snapchat growth exploding, Snapchat is on the radar for a lot of people who study or are infatuated with social media. Many of these people have trouble wrapping their head around this. They usually start with denial and think “what good is this metric?”

On Snapchat users really need to hunt down videos to watch. The videos are not just appearing in their stream unless they have intentionally followed someone or are watching a particular story. Videos that appear in user’s streams stink. People accidentally click them. The very worst of all are videos which play automatically. Users HATE this.

Facebook for example currently gets 4 billion views per month and the video must be played for 3 seconds to get counted as a “view”.

Are 4 billion Facebook video views better than 4 billion Snapchat views? No. In my opinion 4 billion Snapchat views are superior to 4 billion Facebook views. I would go as far to say that I believe 4 billion Snapchat views are better than 40 billion Facebook views. There is just no comparison.


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