Prehensile eyebrows do not exist, but if they did, they would be eyebrows capable of grasping small objects which eyebrow hair could support such as toothpicks, paperclips, pins, matches and other small objects.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Prehensile is an adjective which means (chiefly of an animal’s limb or tail) capable of grasping. The dictionary uses a monkey’s tail as an example of an extremity which can grasp things. A second example would be an elephant’s tusk.

Since eyebrows are the hairs which form a strip above the eye, if prehensile eyebrows existed they’d be eyebrows which could grasp things. 🙂

This is a test

This is quite a bit different from things normally found on this blog and is a quick test. I will share the results of my little experiment shortly.

If you were wondering what prehensile eyebrows were, I hope the above explains. And yes, this is in response to a tweet by Elon Musk as he recently stated “I have prehensile eyebrows”. Your guess is as good as mine but maybe the Tesla CEO has some bushy eyebrows.

Image credit: Steve Jurvetson –, CC BY 2.0, Link

Follow up: This test was a hit. The goal was to obtain a Featured Snippet in under 60 seconds. It worked. Read the case study here.

Update 5/2/2018: Elon Musk was almost definitely referring to himself having Prehensile Eyebrows after seeing himself playing a new snapchat game where you use your eyebrows to “eyebrow-press” a barbell with weights on it. Details here: Elon Musk’s “Prehensile Eyebrows” Tweet is About Snapchat’s Eyebrow Weightlifting Game



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