The “Yandex.Webmaster” section of Yandex’s site is ironically Why didn’t they just call it Webmaster.Yandex?

Anyways, do you need it?

Fiddling with Yandex

Today I logged in and poked around a bit. I decided to register my site and upload a sitemap to it. I poked around. I did discover that Yandex didn’t know the “region” of my site, which is interesting. I mean, I run Telapost from a building but it is privately owned and located on private property and there probably isn’t any identifying location information on the site. But if I were a law firm in Dallas Texas I would definitely want search engines to know where my business is located.

Will Yandex benefit you? It is a tough call without combing through your website. I am sure I can find something wrong with your site, and that means there is a good chance that Yandex can, too. Of course, if you are located in Russia, Ukraine or Kazakhstan, you should probably be using Yandex, too. 🙂

Here’s what I did today:

  1. Register with Yandex.
  2. Add your site and verify rights to it
  3. Add Sitemap file under Indexing | Sitemap files

I will update this article as I learn more about Yandex.


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