People who have never sat down and generated thousands of pages of unique content which rank one page 1 of Google have no clue, ZERO CLUE, as to what that means and how it will benefit them.

Yet, some people decide to call themselves experts. Some of these self declared experts will tell you that all of your website’s content should be in a silo.

What is a silo?

This is just a fancy way of saying that you should have a nice, navigable content hierarchy. There is nothing wrong with that. Is it going to help you outrank the next site? No. Are people going to navigate around on your site? Not unless you’re Amazon. The vast majority of web visitors are going to read the first sentence of the content in the main body of your web page and either leave or call you. This is a fact. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a novice and an idiot for opening their mouth when they don’t know any better. I would never tell someone how to fly an airplane, because I’m not a pilot, and those who have no experience with web content shouldn’t be dishing out silo advice, either. You know who needs a silo? Cows.


You need a blog

A big, fat, sloppy disorganized blog about completely random subjects is absolutely fine. If you have a silo, great, I build them too. But, for every page in your silo, write 20 blog articles.

I just put up an article the other day about the importance of not doing keyword research. This article mentions clothes washing machines, nuclear reactors and real estate brokers, and sewer inspections. All of this random content has made people lots and lots of money. When creating content, I add reindeer to law firms and Justin Bieber to the websites of optometrists. THIS IS SEO. Why? Nobody on God’s green earth is going to link to your page about cake decorating, however, they will link to your “huge” Donald Trump cake on your blog, or your article about kittens on trampolines.
trump cake
Remember: If anyone tells you that you do not need a blog. Run. They are inexperienced and should not be left alone near a computer without adult supervision.


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