Weare8 LogoWeare8 is here, kind of, and it looks very cool. They are off to a great start because they have celebrities. If the celebrities using Weare8 post unique content to the site people will definitely visit the site just for this content.

Weare8 is in beta at the moment. To get an account simply visit Weare8 and sign up.

A brief overview of current Weare8 features

  • Users can post video, photo, auto, or text content.
  • Weare8 content may be shared to other social networks or linked to.
  • I expect that publicly shared Weare8 content will be able to be crawled by Google and other search engines but I am still testing this feature. I believe this could greatly contribute to the success of any social media network.
  • There is already an iOS app
  • Content creators can make money from their content and keep it or donate it to charity.
  • It is optional to get advertisements, and if you opt to, you can control the ads from brands you actually like.

The Weare8 Manifesto

The Weare8 homepage reads:

Today, you are owned by the technology companies that house your content and sell ads on your stuff.

We believe your creativity is beautiful and you should own it.

We believe you should have the choice to accept ads from brands you like, make 80% of the money from them and then have the option to pay it forward to causes you support.

Our mission is to inspire and empower you every day.

So, together we can change the world.

Check it out!

Here’s my first post. If you try it out let us know about it in the comments below.


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