This article is not about social media or content marketing, it is simply about having content on the web.

Having content on the web when people are looking for it is sweet!

On Valentine’s Day millions of people turn to Google and search for:

  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
  • Things to do on Valentine’s Day
  • Things to do on Valentine’s Day in your city

If this content is on your website, they will find you.

It important to note that not everyone needs Valentine’s Day content. If you’re a plumber, it isn’t like people are going to land on your site and say “Oh yeah! I should probably have this guy come stop my toilet from overflowing!”.

Natural Links and Valentine’s Day SEO

Florists, restaurants, and candy retailers have it made here, they just need their V-Day content up a good 2 weeks in advance. Florists and candy retailers know this- restaurants are often a little behind the curve..

I just bumped into an article: Valentine’s Day in San Marcos California. When they created this list of things to do in San Marcos, they of course promoted their own service at the top of list, a couple’s massage, sweet! Then, they also linked out to nearby restaurants, chocolate dealers, and florists.

If the other businesses did not have their Valentine’s Day special on their website, they would have missed out on these natural links.

Real Estate agents are also notorious for curating lists of other specials in their town. Virginia real estate agent Claudia Nelson put together a very similar article, Things to do for Valentine’s Day in Woodbridge Virginia, where she linked out to several other businesses. See? Now she is getting links from my powerful site.

Holidays are great for SEO.

Valentine’s Day Web Traffic

Another point: the massage therapist above points out that they offer massages without over-promoting themselves. It is a real list of things to do in the area. If people don’t want a massage, they can get a gift certificate, or simply go somewhere else. This is a great way to sell without pushing too hard.


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