Unseen is the social media network that I’ve been waiting for. Unseen is completely anonymous and allows the sharing of images and commentary. Could it take off? Investors think so.unseen

If you watch their intro video below, it is inspiring. What great things could come from this app.

However, the app is only available on some college campuses at this point in time. While most great social networks seem to start on college campuses (Facebook, Yik Yak, etc.), Unseen is overrun with pictures of weed and girls seeking attention.

Users can comment on images but unlike Yik Yak, comments can not be downvoted. Posts are geosocial as well, meaning you must be located near the conversation to participate.

Does an app like this have any use outside of a college campus?

With the content being shared on it, has it failed already? Survivable failure is a wonderful way to improve apps like this.

With Yik Yak having a strong lead, could they just add images to their network?

Will Unseen users allow ads? Will the creators of Unseen try to use ads to monetize the network? Who would advertise on this network?

Is Unseen the Next Major Social Media Platform? I do not think so. But, they are definitely on to something…


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