dormchat logoDormChat, YikYak’s new contender and the latest in anonymous social chat apps, is here. October 23, 2014 DormChat announced VC funding, an upgraded iOS app, and a new Android app. Like almost any good social media, DormChat will first only available on college campuses. So, how do you get DormChat for your college campus?

DormChat is geosocial, meaning it works with other users in a particular area, in this case, 1 mile. 125 users at each college must install the app on their phone in order to get Dormchat unlocked. In order to sign up, you must have a .EDU email address at the corresponding college.

Once 125 users have signed up to DormChat at a single college, the app becomes available to use.

Here is a screenshot of DormChat. Note that some colleges are locked and unlocked:

DormChat This is a screenshot of what it looks like when a new user is registered. This was the 6th user registration at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

dormchat screenshot

As seen in the screenshot above,  after a new user registers, they are encouraged to unlock DormChat faster by sharing their progress via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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