If you follow social media and hate web censorship you will be interested to know that Twitter has been accused of censorship multiple times this week, yesterday regarding WikiLeaks DNC emails.

On Friday, July 22, 2016, #DNCLeaks exploded on twitter. Over a quarter million tweets went up and the hashtag #DNCLeaks quickly rocketed to the top of Trends.

Then it vanished.

nothing to see here GIF

Twitter was called out on this and #DNCLeak quickly made its way to trends as a replacement.

With many media outlets not covering the story, many people have turned to Twitter for the news.

Does Twitter censor?

Twitter is known as the place to get breaking news.

According to a recent interview with CEO Jack Dorsey, “Twitter absolutely does not censor users”.

What do you think? Did Twitter censor the #DNCLeaks hashtag? Will they explain what happened to those accusing them?


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