tsuTsū (‘Sue’) is a Social media and payment platform, and the latest social media network to pop up. Unlike Ello, which billed itself as an “anti-Facebook”, this platform is already developed, complete with mobile apps.

Tsu’s slogan is simple “Because the content you create and your time spent sharing it are worth being paid for”. Well, that sounds great. As a content creator, I like get paid for the content that I create, but…

My initial Tsū observations:

People Think Facebook is greedy. After repeated abuses and violations of people’s privacy it is not unreasonable to assume that people generally dislike Facebook. In the days before the graphical web browser was invented I ran what was called a “BBS”. People wrote on walls, played cheesy games, and shared things with each other. After the web took off people were blogging. You could subscribe to their feed via RSS but if you weren’t a computer geek this was like learning Greek. Facebook came along and made it easy for Grandma to see pictures of the kids and induced businesses to join. It was nothing more than the natural evolution of what had already been going on for 15 years and then they suddenly you have the CEO calling users “Dumb F**ks”, raking in billions of dollars, and making sure businesses could no longer reach their audience without paying up.

There is no learning curve. Tsu is essentially a Facebook clone. If you can use Facebook, you can use Tsu.

People buy dreams. You could get paid to use it. But would you actually make any money? You’d have to have some really good content to drag people over to Tsu. Grandma has no interest in using 15 different social media platforms. Can you drag her over? Even if you could, does she even click on any of the ads (intentionally)? Still, the dream of getting paid to use social media is appealing to many people. Making money online is a dream. People buy dreams, that is why salesmen and con-artists succeed and always will. Heck, people are still sending money via Western Union to Nigeria because they think they have inherited 5 million dollars.

Is this a pyramid scheme? Kind of, but not completely- anyone you bring over is in your “tree”. When they make money, or when the people they invite make money, so do you. As of now, the ads being displayed on Tsu are very cheap ads. If you don’t mind making a tenth of a cent here and there, then this could be the network for you. There is nothing illegal with what they’re doing, so I suppose it is more of an MLM.

Will people actually use Tsu? In the early days of online auction sites, eBay emerged as the winner. Could another auction site replace eBay? I buy things on eBay 3 or 4 times a week. I also sell on eBay. I go there to buy everything from shaving supplies to vehicles. Why? because there is a gigantic selection of sellers. Why do I sell things on eBay? Because there is a massive amount of buyers. If I have electronics priced to sell, I can throw them on eBay and have them sold in as little as 10 minutes. Just like on eBay, Facebook has consumers and producers. People go to Facebook to consume content and produce content for their friends. Sharing content really is no fun if nobody sees it, and going to a site to see content is no fun if your friends are not there. Could Tsu get everyone to leap at the same time? I do not see that happening.

Content can’t be accessed, index, or shared properly. How are you going to build your audience if you can’t share your content? Are you just going to tell people “Hey I put something really awesome up over on Tsu, but you need to sign up to see it.” Hmm, I don’t like the sound of that.

Join Tsu:

So of course, if you are going to join Tsu, please use our link. You have to use someone’s, why not use ours? http://www.tsu.co/telapost


I do not have high hopes for Tsu. I am not holding my breath. So far we have earned $0.01 on Tsu. Of course, we’re not there to make money.

  1. Can you tell me what tsu stands for?


  2. I’m using tsu.

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