On Friday, November 13, 2015, just a matter of hours ago, there was a tragic terror attack in Paris France. The Wikipedia page was created almost immediately. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected.

Snapchat introduced a “Pray for Paris” Filter, aka #PrayForParis. This is what the filter looks like:

prayforparis snapchat filter

Shortly after the filter appeared, it disappeared.

The filter was available when swiping left. It was not a selfie filter.

Whether this is a temporary glitch, server overload, or if Snapchat intentionally took it offline is uncertain.

We are monitoring the situation. If and when it comes back I will update this article and also Snap it.

Snapchat Snapcode

Snapchat was very active on Twitter all day long @Snapchat. They introduced paid selfie filters today and most people went nuts at the chance to keep their filters around forever, although some people complained. Snapchat retweeted the complaints all day long (which was hilarious).


But, as soon as the #PrayForParis filter disappeared, so did @Snapchat.


snapchat meme

Ohhhh Snapchat….

Oh well, maybe it is time to sign off and actually pray for Paris.

If you discover any Snapchat accounts following the news, it would be great to hear from those on the ground, post comments here.

Did you have the Snapchat filter?

  1. snapchat! we want this filter back now. we’re praying for paris

  2. I want the filter

  3. Je suis Paris.
    I am Paris.

    Pray for Paris.
    Des prière pour Paris.


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