Today I was reading the news on, a news website for Bowling Green, Kentucky. Then I noticed an interesting advertisement which looked like a scam. I have been documenting Internet scams for a while here on this blog. I have been seeing lots of scams, fake news and deceptive ads showing up on various publisher and news websites, even on CNN.

The ad I clicked on today was “How to fix you fatigue (do this every day)”, as seen below in this screenshot:

The link takes you to “”. (There is nothing on this website’s homepage – it just has internal landing pages designed to trick people). Also, the site isn’t about fatigue, it is about a “miracle pill”:

For what it’s worth, I do not think Clint Eastwood has erectile dysfunction. Or, maybe he does. If he does I doubt he’s advertising it…. PUNK.

This page id deceptive and misleading as it is designed to look like a news website that many people are familiar with and has fake stories on it.

If you try to leave the page, you’re greeted with this pop up:

Finally, a bit lower on the page, after a bunch of mumbo jumbo, here’s the product – TestX Core testosterone pills:

This is what the ad looks like

Now on the page there are a bunch of scare tactics to the effect of “time is running out” or “limited availability”, etc.

This is where it gets very scammy

Now if you click through to the order page you are presented with this sales page:

Some people in the world of Internet marketing call this a “squeeze page”.

After entering in all of your information, you are then sent to checkout:

As you can see, people are now pressured into making a purchase as “time is running out!” It also appears that you’re getting TestX Core for free and just paying the $4.95 to ship it.

Sounds reasonable.

However, that isn’t what is happening. People who pay the $4.95 soon find out that they are now a subscriber and that their credit card is being charged around $90/mo.

When you were being rushed to “hurry” you didn’t notice the tiny grey on white print at the bottom of the page all jumbled together that says you’re now a member!

Were you tricked by this scam?

I know that some people don’t want to admit it but I would like to hear your story. Please feel free to comment below anonymously. No credit card required. 🙂

Which Testosterone Supplements Actually Help?

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User “MN Mike” says:

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Superior Labs Test Worx Testosterone Booster Supplement

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User “Limitless” says:

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Please note: These are indeed Amazon affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if someone goes to Amazon and buys them. I am not a doctor and have no idea if these will help anyone, but going off of what 8,500 other people had to say it appears that these pills are made in the USA, they are not crappy caffeine pills, and the benefits are claimed by the users of these products, not a fake webpage impersonating a genuine news website. So, you be the judge. And if you suspect a hormone issue, see your doctor, they can issue prescriptions which may help you.

  1. How do I make the recurring credit card charges stop?!

    • You will either have to call the number which was on the website or cancel the charges with your credit card..

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