It has taken many years to get this through my thick head.. But.. We help people! A lot!

In 2020, most of the Personal Injury Law firms I work with have told me that 2019 was the best year they’ve ever had.

Not only was 2019 the best year they’ve had, it was specifically due to their Internet marketing efforts.

We’ve helped firms rebrand and rename to get better exposure in search.

We’ve helped them relocate…

Then when COVID-19 hit… I heard some advertising agencies were losing clients. And, that didn’t happen here!

It finally sunk in. We really do provide an exceptional value here. All of our clients know there is a return on the investment.

It’s AMAZING when clients convince ME of this (and not the other way around).

1 client left us, multiple others expanded.

We did lose one client. It was our newest client in Florida. I was sad to see them go, especially since I just became a Snowbird this year. We had only worked with them for 4 or 5 months, and, we did leave them in a better place than when we started, complete with improved local pack rankings, review stars, FAQmarkup, tons of great content, photography, Featured Snippets and #1 rankings in suburbs near their main target city. There were a lot of wins, but, their site did have some issues ranking organically – possibly from the last company doing absolutely nothing for 3 years, or maybe it was the massive amount of technical errors which kept popping up, or maybe it was related to their little surprises they left me (like changing URLs and not telling me) not sure. But, I do know that we were able to secure lots of great links from local K-12 schools, news and media outlets and some really nice mentions. Oh well, what can you do. COVID-19 hit and it was the final straw, I think. TBH I was left confused as one day they called to say how happy they were and the next they wanted out. idk.

It turned out to be good for me – I was putting a ton of time into the site, going far above and beyond. You have to protect the value of your time. So, I went and spent a couple weeks over at my favorite beach house on Topsail Island. The family really needed to get out and do something after being stuck at home thanks to the stupid virus.

I do know a lot of injury firms are really struggling right now, especially if they didn’t have 600 – 1,000 cases on the back burner like some of the other firms I work with have.

As luck would have it, it would turn out that we would be busier than ever.

By the middle of May, the survivors decided that 2019 was such a great year it would only make sense to press forward. While some firms are struggling, others saw an opportunity. 4 of the firms I work with decided to expand. One opened a new office in a new city. One wanted a brand new site targeting a very specific type of injury. One decided it was time to up their PR efforts. One told me that their marketing is now more important than ever and increased their budget to just get more of what we’ve been doing for them for the last 5 years.

In addition to some firms expanding on their marketing, multiple other firms decided it was time to START marketing. While most of my clients are on the west coast, there has been interest from attorneys in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. I have yet to take any of the firms on – and people probably think I am lying when I say this – but I really do screen clients – it does need to work for both of us. I help great attorneys look great! Not just anyone that emails me.

Additionally, many courts are closed, and our existing clients have been asking lots of great questions, keeping us extra busy.

We’ve just been slammed. And that’s good!

We are hiring.

We are currently seeking an attorney or a journalist to join our team of writers. We’ve been a remote-first company since 2011, and apparently there are a lot of people looking for a work-from-home job at the moment, so we’ve got our work cut out for us – there are hundreds of great applicants here (locally).

We are grateful.

I can’t stress enough how deeply thankful we are. I am personally so grateful. I don’t even know what to say. It is surreal. I already work from home and live on a nice piece of property where I don’t have to be exposed to the awful virus. I don’t talk about it much but I have been working behind the scenes a bit, doing what I can to assist with local front line workers in my community and supporting various local organizations. I just happen to be a computer guy… If I were a chef, life would be a lot more challenging right now..

Stay safe!

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  1. This is totally a downfall for business entities. As, of the current pandemic they are getting worst results. I am much agreed with the point of losing clients for most of the advertising agencies.

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