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Millions of people have been waiting for today, December 15, 2016, for Super Mario Run to be released. This is Nintendo’s first smartphone game and the first time we have seen the plumbers in quite some time. But, this much anticipated game is not without its fair share of problems.

If you are experiencing a problem with the game which is not listed here, please add it in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Super Mario Run Problems

  • Price. Is it free or $9.99? Super Mario Run uses a freemium model. It is free to play, but fun parts of the game are $9.99. This is very unclear to most people who are trying to figure out what the game costs.
  • Super Mario Run no audio on iPhone 5C. (Update: To get the sound working, turn your ringer on). First thing I did this morning was charge up an iPhone 5C here and load Super Mario Run. The game loaded right away. I fired it up, but there was no sound. I checked the game settings, which were very difficult to find, and the sound was “on”. The phone’s audio works just fine in every other app except for Mario. So, there is a sound problem.
  • Super Mario Run won’t load on iPad. I’m not sure what this bug is about. I have a fairly new iPad here at my place. I went to the app store, located Super Mario Run, but there is no “get” icon. I can download other apps, but there is no option to install it on my iPad.
  • No Android version. I know there must be some kind of strategy to this, but man if this were my company I’d fire all the developers if they made a game that neglected 87.5% of smartphone users.
  • No Android release date. I have given up trying to find out when the Android release date will be. Nintendo told everyone long ago when the game would be out on iOS. Why is this a problem? Meanwhile, spammers have taken to the Internet, offering it for download. Had Nintendo just told us when it would be released, we would not have this calamity.
  • Facebook Sync crashes the game. Multiple people online say that their Facebook app is crashing the game.
  • Can’t play in landscape mode. You have to hold your phone up in a vertical position to play it. Why? People are going to get arthritis in their thumb!
  • Requires Internet connection. What do you think about this?

Super Mario Run is awesome, but…

Don’t get me wrong. The game looks awesome. I just can’t play it, despite owning a plethora of electronics. I used to own a tech firm – I have Octocore desktops, Raspberry Pi devices, IOT devices, Andorid, Apple, Kindle, Galaxy phones, a Wii, Xbox, Playstation, Chromebook, you name it. But I can’t play Super Mario Run.

List your Super Mario Run problems below:

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  1. I can’t log in using my Nintendo Account

    • I think this will clear up after the servers calm down… Is anyone else having a problem signing in to their Nintendo account?

      • Yes. I still can’t get any of my social media or Nintendo account to connect.

  2. My app crashes before I can even hit the main menu. I’ve redownloaded the app many times and restarted my phone… very frustrating.

  3. No sound

  4. No sound iPhone 7 +

  5. no sound

  6. im having a problem purchasing the full game it gives me error 804-4120

  7. No sound on 6s Plus

  8. No sound Iphone 6, done reinstall, re dowload data power off etc still no sound

  9. Won’t load on i6

  10. Mine won’t load. Just says there’s a communication error and gives me code 804-1200.

  11. UPDATE: To turn on the volume, you have to make sure your ringer switch is on.

  12. Another issue I unfortunately discovered: if you make a purchase and delete the app without having an account linked to the game you will lose the purchase and all progress. I did this after making the $9.99 because I was having issues linking an account and decided to delete the app and try again and when I got it running again everything was gone. Buried in the games Help section they tell you not to do this. This is extremely frustrating and terrible game design.

  13. When I log in it say I have the wrong time?? Please help I have the right time I promise can some help me out

  14. I can download the game but I can’t load it even I have a great WiFi connection:( I have tried to delete the game and re-download it but the problem is still there…

  15. No sound iphone SE

  16. Every time I try to change my profile picture in the settings,It takes me out of the game . Please tell me why it is doing this. 😣

  17. Super Mario Run will tell me to confirm my user agreement and privacy policy and will take me to my account but as soon as I click “use this account” it just tells me that it still needs to be updated. There is one page that has a button that says “next” on it but it completely skips that.

    Error code: 804-3400

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