phoneI do not usually do this but today I am posting an article which I do not quite have the answer to. Howeveer, bear with me, I will absolutely have the solution posted here soon, even if it requires changing your telephone number.

The story

December 28, 2016 my phone began ringing. There are many steps people must go through to get me on my biz line and my cell phone has been given to people all over the world for 20 years, however, most people who have it only call me when they need something, or I get the calls from family and friends, and that is about it. Still, the number is rarely abused and I get maybe a dozen or so calls a day. I often have my bluetooth nearby and I can answer without even looking to see who is calling. Anyways, on the 28th, my phone blew up. I received 30 – 40 phone calls asking if I needed health insurance.

Then it happened again today.

I am now 48hrs in to the ordeal of people trying to sell me Obamacare.

My only hope is that the calls will stop in 48hrs after January 1 hits, as the sign up deadline will be over.

I am not a violent person, but I am seriously going to freaking snap if this doesn’t end soon.

Steps I have taken to stop the phone calls

  • On my Verizon cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy S7, I can click the phone number in the call history, then hit “more” at the top right, and block the phone number. I wish I knew about this feature sooner. The only problem here is, I think the message Verizon plays for people lets them know they are blocked. I block one number, and two more pop up. Ugh.
  • I registered at the do not call registry. I think I already registered there, but I can’t tell, as the website is so terrible. If you don’t know the exact phone # and email address combination you once used, you just get an error on the screen. I have no idea how you screw up such a simple task, but leave it to a .gov site to be completely useless.

I admit that these steps will not stop the spam calls, robo calls, sales calls.

Is this happening to you?

Let loose, tell me your woes, comment below.

Here are a few of the numbers these despicable people are harassing me from:  929-575-6285, 407-368-7869, 321-832-7630, 331-777-1011, 512-599-9139, 601-866-5545, 347-569-8224, 561-701-9672.

  1. (561) 536-5625 here. I get the call and there is silence. Trying your blocling method, thanks for the tip

  2. Wife gets these stupid, annoying calls for obomanation care all the time. She blocks the number, but as you mentioned, they just use a different number. We have Tricare through the military and, thank goodness, never once went on their site for anything. It sounds to me that they are just begging people to take their crappy, overpriced for the working class people, insurance. Signed up on the Do not call list eons ago, so I suppose now is a good time to renew.

  3. Posting the numbers does not matter. The scammers use computer programs to call from false numbers. Sometimes the number may be a random off the wall number that doesn’t exist such as a 555 number like used in TV shows. Yes, I have received scam calls from 555 numbers. Anyone with a little bit of sense knows that 555 numbers do not exist. Sometimes the scammers use numbers which actually belong to someone. My cell number has been used more than once to call people and then those people would call me and would be upset thinking that I am the one that is harassing then when actually I have NOT called those people at all! When I receive the scam calls, I block the number then 5 – 10 minutes later I get another call from the same scammers, but they use a different number. I’m to the point the I would shoot then in the head if I could figure out who they are and where they are! Something needs to be done to fix all this non-stop harassment!

  4. 816-987-7938 called again today. I say, “Please take me off the list” she said but mam….and went on but I ended the call. I have asked repeatedly to be removed from that list but it’s a waste of my breath. They like hearing themselves talk. I am on the do not call list registry, but they don’t care. Obamacare what a waste of time and effort and my tax dollars!

  5. I actually gave my number to a while looking for a plan. (I’m unemployed) The instant I hit enter I got a call and after that just keep getting them from all over. I’m trying the phone block. Already on Do not call list.

    • how did you get them to stop calling? that is exactly what happend to me.

  6. I have a private cell phone number. I give it out to only family. I still get over 50 obamacare calls on my private cell number. I have changed my number. I still get calls. I am on the do not call list. I answer the calls and tell the caller to stop calling. they talk over me. This is a crime in Texas. If you request the caller to stop, they are required to stop. I am filing a criminal complaint with the Attorney General. This needs to to stop. It is criminal harrassment.

    • Let us know how it goes; I am down to about 4 a day. Really annoying…

  7. Ive had 2 already this morning and its only 9:30. Had 4 or 5 yesterday. Im here in California, I have a call recording on my phone of all their calls. Im down for a class action law-suit Sharon

  8. Sick of the stupidity and fraud on the internet

  9. Man, do I wish I had found this info yesterday. Not two minutes after registering on an Obamacare site just to get a quote, my phone started ringing. Last night alone, there were 15 calls, ostensibly, all different numbers. The calls finally stopped at about 930pm.
    They resumed today, to the tune of 17 calls. No, I do not answer.
    I STILL don’t have a quote so I can see if I can afford it and I just want the calls to stop.

  10. I have recently been receiving these annoying calls daily! I have blocked the number but they use another one!

  11. I teied everything you guys said… now Ik just have fun with it and make farting noises, or play loud music when they answer

  12. I’ve got this problem now! I am Canadian! I have never attempted to register for a US health plan of any kind. I have no idea how they got my number. Only a few family and friends have my number. It’s unlisted. I don’t give my cellphone number anywhere. I’m assuming someone either registered giving a “bogus” number, or possibly accidentally transposed numbers, somehow yielding my number.

    Started with a text thanking me for registering with Obamacare. I thought what the heck?!

    Now I’m inundated with several calls a day. They hang up pretty quick once they realize they are calling Canada, but it’s still infuriating!

    I can’t enter my number in the do not call registry because it’s a Canadian number. (I’m registered in the Canadian do not call, but these calls are American) :/

  13. 2023 and the exact problem. What do we do? I will post this message again and again until I grt a response…

    Just kidding. Is there a solution?

  14. I’ve said some choice words to some of them. One of them replied in kind, to my amused amazement. Guess Quality was busy tending their chickens.

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