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Content curation is a funny thing, and helps businesses in mysterious ways. We hope to demystify these for you on this blog shortly. Until then, check out our social media flipboard magazine. We’re reading the news anyways, shouldn’t we share the latest wonderful content with you? Yes. We have strategies for this which we will be sharing shortly, so stay tuned.

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Below we will occasionally update what Social Media News we’re flipping:

Please see the flipboard magazine for these articles, and newer. The magazine is updated daily. The last update below of the magazine’s contents was performed on: 8/24/2014.


When death goes viral: mourning celebrities on social media
– Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, the guardian

5 Social-Media Marketing Lessons From the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
– Robert Tuchman, Entrepreneur

Shell Shows More Gas Brands Could Fuel Up on Social Media
– Christopher Heine, ADWEEK

Sports Social Media Network Fancred Completes $3 Million Financing Round
– Darren Heitner, Forbes

People in Sports Who Share TMI on Social Media
– Giancarlo King, bleacher report

Beheading video poses challenge for social media
– David Weinberger, CNN Opinion

LACMA Is Killing It On Snapchat
– Jean Trinh, laist

How real a risk is social media addiction?
– Aliene Augenbraun, CBSNEWS

Twitter Analytics

Use Social Media However You Want!
– Eli Fennel, Wojdylo Social Media

Snapchat Is Moving Closer To An Ad Strategy — Here’s How Brands Are Already Using The Platform
– Marcelo Ballve, Business Insider

Mike Brown Video: Ferguson Vines Show How Social Media Shapes Missouri Protests
– Jeff Stone, International Business Times

Your Twitter Feed May Soon Be Filled With Accounts You Don’t Follow
– Samantha Murphy Kelly, Mashable

Robin Williams’ daughter leaves Twitter, cites trolls
– Chris Matyszczyk, C|net

Pitch deck: How Snapchat is selling itself to marketers
– Matt Van Hoven, DIGIDAY

BuzzFeed raises another $50 million to fund expansion
– Brian Stelter, CNN Money

When a monkey takes a selfie …
– Danny Cevallos, CNN Opinion

Lawsuit Against Facebook Draws Wide Support
– John Blosser, Newsmax

Facebook’s Change of Face
– Katherine Rosman, The New York Times

From Facebook to the streets: How social media is fueling youth violence in Kalamazoo
– Aaron Mueller, MLive

How I Would Use Twitter Marketing to Market Gone Girl
– Schyler Martin, Wojdylo Social Media

Pinterest just hired the guy behind Axe’s notoriously sexist advertisements
– Jenny Kutner, Salon

Miss Idaho’s bikini pic with insulin pump sparks social media campaign
– WGN Web Desk

Young women with ‘sexy’ social media photos perceived as less competent: study
– Victoria Taylor, Daily News

Introducing Save on Facebook
– Daniel Giambalvo, Facebook

Social media contributing to fall in teen pregnancy
– Gulf News

Jlo’s Instagram Selfie gets 218k likes

Russia enacts ‘draconian’ law for bloggers and online media
– BBC News

LinkedIn to Acquire Bizo
– Russell Glass, Bizo

Start a conversation about a Pin
– Cherie Yu, Pinterest

How Student Newspapers and Magazines Go Viral on College Campuses
– Rachel Schmitt, Wojdylo Social Media

How to Post Links on Instagram
– Jesse Wojdylo, Wojdylo Social Media

Will Facebook Page Reach Drop to 0%?
– Len Raleigh, Telapost Social Media

Do Twitter Tweets Get Indexed By Google and Affect SEO?
– Jesse Wojdylo, Wojdylo Social Media

Why Social Media Has Become a Picture Sharing Bonanza
– Jesse Wojdylo, Telapost Social Media

How to Recover a Business From a Google Panda 4.0 Penalty
– Len Raleigh, Wojdylo Social Media

It Looks Like Snapchat Is Planning Some Sort Of Mobile Payments Project
– Alyson Shontell, Business Insider

Study: ‘Sexy’ pictures on social media make women less competent, attractive to their peers
– Caitlin Dewey, The Washington Post

Personal Injury Lawyer Uses Google Plus to Expand Reach
– Jesse Wojdylo, Google Plus For Us!

Facebook’s Photo Sharing App Slingshot Has Cratered To The Pits Of The App Store
– Jay Yarow, Business Insider

This World Cup Game Was The Biggest Moment In Twitter History
– Flipped from The Huffington Post


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