On iPhone, to barf a rainbow on Snapchat, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Update snapchat to the recent version released September 15, 2015.
  2. With your front facing camera, tap your face. This will bring up the list of available selfie filters.
  3. Select the rainbow filer and open your mouth.

You have now barfed a rainbow on Snapchat.

Video instructions:

Android users can’t barf rainbows:

If you are trying to figure out how to vomit or puke an animated stream of rainbow on the new updated Snapchat app for Android and the app is not cooperating, you are not alone. The app is not working correctly for Android. Some people even think there is a Snapchat conspiracy.

What it looks like to barf a rainbow:

Here’s some guy barfing a rainbow on Snapchat. Once you have mastered the art of barfing rainbows you will look just like he does, and your mom will be very proud. She’ll probably get one of those “My rainbow vomiting kid is smarter than your honor roll student” bumper stickers.

snapchat puke

Example of someone barfing a rainbow on Snapchat

If you wouldn’t like to see me barf a rainbow check it out here:

Snapchat Snapcode

  1. They need to update so that android users can use the effects too.

  2. This won’t work for me

  3. Fml

  4. I don’t get dis

  5. It will not let me and I have the update and a iPod 5 and it will not work

  6. Can someone PLEASE FIX THIS ??!!! I Have an iPod 5 and It doesnt let me use them 😭😭😭

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