snapchat arrestsAnything can be used the wrong way; the only thing that it takes for a crime to take place is desire and opportunity. Many Snapchat users feel as if they are anonymous or that only a few people will see their snaps. Making a mistake just to a few friends, one on one, or in a public Snapchat story can easily lead to an arrest.

Arrests on other social media networks

Yik Yak has led to several arrests. The social app is mostly used by college students. Unfortunately, on occasion a student makes a threat or a reference to terror at their school; the students think they are anonymous and just making a “joke”. This results in an arrest, sometimes in under an hour. You can see a complete list of Yik Yak arrests here.

Of course, Yik Yak is not alone. Threats are made on every social network from Facebook to Instagram.

Types of Snapchat Arrests

  • Threats. February 20, 2015, Anna Texas- an 8th grade student was arrested for Snapping a pic of herself with a firearm and threatening to bring it to school. It turnout out to be a pellet gun (source: Fox4 News).  This is absolutely enough to be arrested. In some states people are charged with everything ranging from misdemeanor to felony.
  • Underage/Unlawful Relationships. Unfortunately there are some very disgusting people on Snapchat that want to send you pictures of their “parts”. Depending on the age of the sender or the receiver this can be a crime. Even worse, some of these people want to hook up with underage victims. In 2013 a Chandler, Arizona man was arrested for doing something with a 14yr old victim he should not have been doing (Source: Fox10Phoenix).
  • Video Evidence. Sometimes someone snaps a video of a crime being committed, as in the case of this road rage incident. And of course, if you are a suspect, you may have your phone examined. And, we can’t forget the guy that took a selfie with his murder victim and posted it on Snapchat…….
  • Dumb criminals. One guy was wanted by police and was caught because he posted his location on Snapchat. You can’t make this stuff up.

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