As of August 2015, Google has stripped Google Plus from Local Search Result pages. I wrote about the recent changes to the new Google Local 3 pack here.

Now that people from Google search can no longer see the Google+ link or click through to a business page, business owners are asking me: “Should I bother publishing my content, articles, videos, and blog posts to Google Plus?”

My response

This is literally the response I just emailed a client I consult for earlier today. He is an attorney whose time is easily worth $500/hr. He has a full staff of employees. My response would literally be the same to any small business owner.

If someone there has time, it doesn’t hurt. I wouldn’t waste your time on it.

Personally – I go through once a month and throw all of my blog content on to Google Plus with a quick sentence about the post.

There was a time I had hoped that people would click through from search results and see the Google+ page, but the general public never did. Google is now scrapping most of the relationship between Google and Google+.

Posting a link to your content does provide a link to the post, but, it is not a powerful link. It is akin to a Pinterest Pin. A pin is a link, too. I have a viral pin with 1,300 re-pins on Pinterest and it has done absolutely nothing for SEO. I’ve had thousands of links from Google+ and all the other social sites as well, and, none of it helps.. Much..

Is there someone there that can do this once a month for you? The posts can also be linked to from a LinkedIn company page, Pinterest,, and a slew of other social networks..

As for traffic, unless you have a very niche following which happens to thrive on G+, it drives no traffic, except from other snooping competitors.

tl;dr Yes, but don’t waste your time there. Do have someone log in once a month and add all of your website’s content to your business page.


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