Screenshot of services offered

Screenshot of services offered

A new email is making its way around the Internet. No, it is not a Nigerian prince who is leaving me billions of dollars. It is a company selling “SEO and Spy Tools”. The email is targeted at SEO providers.

Majestic, MOZ, SemRush, ahrefs, Alexa, and Raven Tools are some of the services being offered by

The email offers up these services, many of which are normally $100/mo, at the following prices:

  • Ahrefs Advanced: $14.97
  • Majestic Gold: $14.97
  • MOZ Pro: $9.97
  • Semrush Guru: $8.97
  • Register Compass: $6.97
  • SER Verified Lists: $7.97
  • Spin Rewriter: $5.97
  • Alexa Advanced: $6.97
  • Adbeat: $19.97
  • Native Ad Buzz: $14.97

The company FAQ page says the service is

This is a group buy service for SEO and Spy accounts. We purchase the accounts and share with our clients for a small fee. We have more than 50 tools which are very expensive if you buy them on your own. Most starting businesses can’t afford to pay a few hundred or even thousands. We are giving you cutting edge advantage with these tools which only the biggest agencies use. Don’t you prefer to pay $15 for a service which usually costs $400 and use the same features? These are entirely legitimate accounts bought from the official vendors. Give us a try, and you will not be disappointed!

Is this legal?

I have no idea. I am just taking a stab in the dark here, but I am guessing that all of these companies have their own terms of service, and if this doesn’t violate the TOS, it will soon.

Do I need these tools?

I personally use Semrush. In an instant, I can see about 25% of someone’s backlink portfolio. Otherwise, I use no SEO tools whatsoever. A website which has some quality links and great content does just fine- no need for tools. There are several tools on the list which do more harm than good to the Internet as well, such as “Spin Rewriter”. (10 – 15 years ago people would attempt to rank websites using computer generated articles, some people are still at it!)

What do you think?

Did you receive this email? Did you sign up? Are you in love with the service?


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