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The other day, one of my clients, who is very fortunate and get a LOT of business from Google search (with my help) told me that at a conference he recently heard a speaker talking about SEO and why it was so mysterious and difficult. He was told it was hardly worth doing as SEOs are always trying to trick the search engines and that SEO was a game of cat and mouse because Google figures out why a website is tricking it and then changes and SEO are stuck trying to trick it yet again.

This is not how it works at all.

Yes, there are a handful of people out there who try and trick the search engines. They are actually very easy to trick. However, these results are very short lived. But, that is NOT how it is supposed to work. That is like me saying the ONLY way to get money out of a bank is to walk in with a mask and a gun and ask for it. Sure, you could do that.

Anyone who downplays the value of SEO either has never ranked on page 1 or has nothing of substantial value to sell.

And can websites stick to the top of Google long term? Absolutely. The website of my previous company has been pegged to the top of page 1 (in position #1) for hundreds of important key phrases for 15 years. The site has thousands of pages which provide detailed answers.

Search engines exist to connect people with what they are looking for.

If people are looking for information to stop an asthma attack and land on a page selling Viagra, it is kind of a problem.

The solution, of course, is to create great content (and obtain important links). This is easier said than done.

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