seo freelancerThis is a question I ask myself often: Should I just be catering to one niche?

SEO companies and SEO freelancers seem to take on anything from apples to zebras. As time goes on and my team develops I find myself looking forward to high competition niches. Truth be told, I typically classify most niches as “easy” or “moderate”. High competition niches are in crowded cities or somewhere where there are several professionals fighting for their piece of the pie.

There is definitely something to be said for a niche. In the IT world I have a friend who specializes in fixing 5 laptop motherboards. He is capable of, but refuses to, fix any other laptop problem. He chose 5 units which have design flaws and caters to providing a cost effective solution to their specific need. In the world of computer repair, this was the first time I had seen this. His business is very successful.

I personally have no problem working in several niches (right now). I have projects of my own and work in personal injury, information technology, pets and animals, home improvement, business acquisition, and a few other smaller niches. It does help to be focused though, and maybe one day we will be working exclusively with 1 niche.

Catering to 1 niche definitely makes the task of SEO Copywriting easier. A good chunk of SEO people probably should work in one niche. Could this be the future of Telapost? As a small business we are agile and able to change directions rapidly.

I can see many benefits of working with ne niche- too many to list here. Although let’s say your niche is personal injury SEO copywriting. You could be posting about your niche on LinkedIn, networking exclusively with this one profession, constantly learning about it, curating content about it, and making yourself an expert in the field.

Many people would see this as limiting themselves but there is definitely opportunity in sticking with one niche, and this can be applied to any business, especially SEO.

What do you think?


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