seo experimentIf you get too carried away reading SEO articles written self proclaimed experts you will quickly overwhelm yourself.

Meta descriptions, alt tags, breadcrumbs, oh my.

If you are a blogger or a small business owner you will quickly (or eventually) discover that all you really need is great content which gets linked to and then at that point SEO breeds SEO.

SEO Experiments

These suck. Sure, they are fine but you never truly have constants in this world where the Google algorithm changes 800 times a year. Plus, most SEO “gurus” have absolutely no clue how content affects SEO. Run your own experiments. Write content and see where it shows up. That’s it.

I have ranked something on the front page of Google daily for over 5 years. Yes, it is true, in fact, sometimes I rank something there 5, 10, or 20 times a day. Once you have the rythm down you can make very accurate predictions of what it will take to rank a page.

Here’s an experiment

So there is a grocery store coming to North Carolina soon called Wegmans. I just wrote a very detailed breakdown of this event and I am about to publish it on my website. Given the power of this site, it will rank very fast. I already know that I will rank on the front page of Google for “Wegmans Cary NC”.

  1. How long will it take to rank on page 1?
  2. Where will it show up?

Given that this blog has never discussed supermarkets, it will be tough, but, the content is epic.

The current results are from news websites much older and more powerful than this site.

I am guessing that I will rank on page 1 within 30 minutes of pressing publish.
The ranking will fluctuate, but I estimate I will be in position 3 or 4 on page 1.

Here’s a screenshot of the before:

serp 1

I will be back in around half an hour with a screenshot of this SEO experiment.


Results of the SEO experiment

3 minutes in I am on the front page:

experiment screenshot



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