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2016 transition to the Teams Subdomain

Movement team members are moving their main website content to

There are many pros and cons to this:


  • The subdomain is essentially a “domain” for all intents and purposes. If every single team member puts out great content and occasionally gets a link to their own URL then the domain will become more and more powerful and greatly benefit everyone.


  • If any mortgage broker decides to build spammy links to their own web presence and it results in a manual action or algorithmic penalty from Google it will affect everyone. This can also happen on accident when a broker with good intentions hires an SEO company who promises to play by the rules. I see this every day.
  • Other Google penalties exist for duplicate content, low quality content, and thin content.
  • Google only likes to display 1 domain per set of search results. If there are 6 Movement lenders in a city such as Dallas Texas, only 1 team can potentially rank for a term such as “Dallas Mortgage Broker”.

The Google Local 3 Pack / Local Search Results

The best URL local teams can use is going to be one that ranks well in search. The local results mimic those which rank organically. That said, your URL is likely to be the best bet (eg:, assuming you can get your URL optimized and ranked.

Mortgage Content

Not everyone searches for “mortgage broker”. This is where having a wide variety of content on the web, hyperlocal and niche content, can assist you in getting more web traffic. If you need help identifying this content or creating it feel free to contact me today or see my page dedicated to mortgage lenders.


There are many types of businesses such as mortgage lending and real estate sales where associates are required to use a company’s domain to many sure the logo, branding, and messages are clear and not misleading. This is not necessarily bad news. In this case the teams subdomain of Movement may very well help and benefit the vast majority of their lending teams.

  1. Is it ok to 302 redirect my existing site to the new one – someone told me to do this. But I don’t know if it is correct or not.

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