The Internet is truly a world where the rich get richer.

It is easy to see how discouraged a blogger or business owner could become after launching a new site. They probably spent way too much time on the look and feel of the site. That should be your last priority. Why? Because new sites get no traffic. Even if they do everything right and pump out some epic 3,000 word articles, still, no traffic comes in. I have been there dozens of times. It is downright depressing.

Getting Links

The experts say that great content will “earn” links. Well, that is not true. At first, a site needs some links or else that content is never going to be found. In fact, depending on the niche you are in, you may need some very topically relevant links from high authority sites.

Once a site starts to get some traction, its content will then show up in search. Then, and only then, will people actually FIND your wonderful content.

SEO Breeds More SEO

Once people are finding your content, then you may start to get some natural links. This is still easier said than done. But, once it starts, as long as you are writing about current topics and have something completely unique to say or are writing about something that has never been written about before, you may start to get some links. Once those links come in, the site becomes that much more powerful. Once your site becomes more powerful, it gives your content that much more exposure, getting you more traffic. Once you have more traffic, more people to find your site. Once more people find your site, your chances are increased for obtaining a natural link.

At the end of the day, the more links you get, the more likely you are to get more links.

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