Previous Examiner Writers Who Have Started Their Own Blog

Sometime in July 2016, shut down, and the site was redirected over to AXS. I wrote about how some authors could get their content back from Examiner and have since spoken to hundreds of Examiners. Most told me they enjoy writing and have moved on to other sites to publish content, such as Others have started their own blog.

I’m going to attempt to maintain a list of them below. Be sure to scroll down to get your blog listed here also.

Examiner writers who now have their own blog:

Canadian Sports Scene – Jeremy Freeborn is the author cranking out great content on this website. The new site covers sports in Canada and even features interviews with Olympic athletes.

The DIY Lady – Katy Holmes was the Louisville Jewelry Examiner and has gone on to start her own blog. She’s just getting off of the ground now and is adding some great recipes so far.

Southern Girl Gone Global – Cindy McCain travels, blogs and encourages others to travel. Be sure to check out her travel/lifestyle blog.

Get listed here!

If you’ve started your own blog, please feel free to email me and I’ll add you to this list. I want to hear from you. Alternatively, you could comment at the bottom of this article and let everyone know where you’ve gone.


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