If you are out of contract and looking to pre-order (or order) the new Galaxy S7 by Samsung from Verizon, here is how it is done. I just went through this a couple of days ago, and, it was a mess.

The short version of how to Order a Samsung Galaxy S7 from Verizon

I suspect that the ordering process will not change much once the pre-order period is over. Verizon is currently taking pre-orders up until March 11 2016.

If you’re like me you’re out of contract and trying to figure out if you should spend the $28/mo on a phone payment or just purchase your phone. Do the $28 option. There is a “line fee” which goes from $40 to $20 if you’re paying the $28. Yes, you read that right.

Also, place your order over the phone. If your rep says you can not do it on the phone, hang up on them and call back and get a new one because the first rep is an idiot.

The long version of how to Order a Samsung Galaxy S7 from Verizon

I’m not bashing VZ here- this was just my experience. I am keeping them, and I love their….. well, I love their coverage, which literally has no competition in the Carolinas (sorry T-Mobile!).

So I go to buy the phone online. I enter the sales chat. I get someone who was unbelievable incompetent. They fed me bad information repeatedly and finally tell me the only way to get the S7 is to order it via phone. So, I call Verizon.

I call Verizon and the rep tells me that I MUST order the new Samsung Galaxy S7 online and that the deals are only for online customers. The deal is the “Gear VR” headset or the “Gear S2” watch. Ok great- I don’t really care but I can sell the watch on eBay, so, back to the Internet I go.

I get onto the website and am trying to figure out what the heck to do. The S7 Edge looks corny- I just want a new phone as my Galaxy S4 shuts off all the time which is incredibly annoying and detrimental to me doing business. So, I try to get the S7 again. In fact, now I want two of them, 1 for someone else in the house.

Then I get this screen:
Do I want to drop $28/mo on these forever, pay $199 each, or drop $1,344 on two phones? There must be a catch here. There is.

Anyways, I can’t figure out what the heck is going on and I go back into chat. This chat user is nuts and tells me I’m still in contract. I happen to remember that my contract expired 11/26/2015. He insists I’m wrong. I tell him whatever and that it looks like I should get the $199 phone. He tells me it isn’t on the screen. I tell him it is and I have a screenshot. He tells me I probably can’t get the deal. I get it into the cart. He is shocked and then incorrectly tells me the line fees. At this point anything the person types is the opposite of what the real deal is, so I call in.

I call in and get a bubbly rep actually located on the same continent as myself. I tell her what’s going on and she informs me that the the chat people are Coocoo for cocoa puffs.

It turns out I’m on an old plan and the “line fee” is $40, but if I pay the $28/mo and get a new plan and new contract (which is req’d) my “line fee” drops to $20. So, I’m actually only spending $8/mo on the new phones and additionally the new plan is cheaper, so I’m actually spending LESS than I would if I got the $199 phone. And apparently the $672 option is just there for looks. Make sense? No, I didn’t think it would.

When I go to a website I just want to click on the phone I want and check out and be done with it. The more time I spend on the site I’m just going to think more and more about the 2016 Cadillac Escalade I could go buy with my monthly payment.

Anyways, the friendly sales lady on the phone wraps up my order. I end up paying around $90 as an “upgrade fee” or some BS and the darn phones are finally on the way.

After placing the order I received an email a day or two later asking me to digitally sign a whole bunch of agreements. Actually, there were 3. I have no idea what they said and neither does anyone else.

And that is how you get a Samsung Galaxy S7.

As for the watch or the VR apparently that is a separate deal directly through Samsung.

Great! 🙂


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