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Pittsboro North Carolina in HDR 2014 – 2015

Pittsboro was established in 1785. I love Pittsboro. I visit the farmer’s markets. I do the farm tour of the sustainable agriculture. I shop at the businesses in historic downtown Pittsboro. I am not a photographer but I do play with HDR photos. I thought it would be neat to create a resource of Pittsboro in HDR and photograph some of the landmarks and businesses here. So here it is, Pittsboro NC in HDR in 2014 (and 2015).

Note: This post is a work in progress. Pittsboro is going to change drastically over the decades to come, from being a tiny town to one of the largest technology hubs in the USA. I paused work on this post in August 2014. Finally, in February 2015, I am publishing it the way it sits. I will update this post as time allows. If you have input on things I should add please feel free to email me or comment below.

Also, this is just one person’s view of Pittsboro. The filters and HDR software I use alters original images, but then again every camera does.


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 Government Buildings:

Pittsboro Courthouse

The Chatham County Courthouse

Above: The Chatham County Courthouse. When people think of Pittsboro, one of the first things that pops into mind is the historic courthouse. The court house was built in 1881. It caught fire March 25, 2010. I happened to be in town this day and watched as it burned. 11 Fire Departments responded to the blaze. The clock tower and upper floors were destroyed but the courthouse was rebuilt. In 2013 it reopened as a museum.

Chatham County Justice Center

The Chatham County Justice Center.

Above: The Chatham County Justice Center. The Justice Center opened in December 2012. It is a whopping 90,000sf building . If you ask me it is this huge to serve the future needs of Chatham County as Chatham Park takes shape and drastically increases the size of Pittsboro. The Justice Center is located at 200 Sanford Road.

pittsboro post office

The Pittsboro Post office

Above: The Pittsboro Post Office is located at 916 East St.



There are several businesses in Pittsboro North Carolina. Among them are the “unique shops”. And, unique they are. There is also a brewery, auto dealerships, and many other companies which are an asset to the community. This list is not all inclusive but features several of the businesses in Pittsboro.

Carolina Brewery

Carolina Brewery




Southern States

Southern States

Clapp's Car Wash

Clapp’s Car Wash

Elizabeth's Pizza Italian Restaurant

Elizabeth’s Italian Restaurant



Pittsboro Ford

Pittsboro Ford


Haw River

The Haw River on 3/31/2014

Above: The Haw River. This picture was taken from the boat ramp off of Hanks Chapel Road near Carolina Tiger Rescue.

Main Street Station

Main Street Station

Chatham Mills

Chatham Mills

Fire Tower

Fire Tower

Above: The old Pittsboro fire tower located at the top of Fire Tower Rd.



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  1. Dang, been following your blog and this is crazy, been seeing your PBO pix used for a while around town and by major companies, do you sell them or something.

    • Thanks PBOkid. I have more HDR images here: that are available for people to use. And yes, they have been used in various places! Kind of funny as I am not a photographer at all, just a guy with a camera. 🙂

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