Today we have a simple example of what I call Google Plus Outreach. I am a very active user on Google Plus, especially in some niche communities.

When a brand page shares something, it can be tough for it to gain traction. Sometimes it gets one or two +1s and then fizzles. Of course, this depends on the brand. In this case, this is a small business with a couple hundred followers.

Using Google Plus’s Ripples, we can see how this post below was affected. It went up onto the business’s plus page and sat there fairly dead. I shared it into a large, relevant community that I am active in. Once shared it was then reshared in that community 35 times. When a reshared post gets reshared again, it leaves out the middleman. In other words, if Absolute Computers shares something, then I share it, the new post shows my new commentary. But when someone shares what I’ve shared onto their own stream, it leaves me out completely, and it looks like they shared it from Absolute Computers themselves. Of course, the ripples show otherwise. This particular post ended up resulting in about 10 new followers, 35 reshares, and 9,400 content views.

This is just a small example of how outreach can work. The brand page’s (amusing) message was spread into nearly 10,000 streams instead of 6 or 7. Powerful stuff.

I’ll revisit this post in the future and clean it up with some easier to understand language and images. For now, there is a screenshot below of the ripples of the post I’m talking about. And if you need help with outreach on G+ just let me know.



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