Today folks, I am going to let you in on a secret; one of which I have rarely shared, only with select friends and clients. Due to the title of this article, I bet very few people will even see this post. But, as of 2016, there is one link every link builder can benefit from.

What is it Len?

Most link builders will strive to obtain links from as many websites as possible. After all, links are a huge ranking factor. But, in almost backlink portfolio I see, there is something overlooked.

The most overlooked backlink in SEO is a backlink from a domain where you already have a backlink.

Wait, what?

Let’s say that you worked hard to get that guest post in over at a blog. This could be a blog in your niche or your city. You put out a great little article which references something relevant on your target website. Then, you never guest post for that site again.

Big mistake! Don’t spam! But, if you have access to a site where you can contribute, don’t make the mistake of contributing only once. Write for the site as often as you’d like. In many cases I’ll contribute to a blog once every month or two, just so that I am a regular there, so that I’m adding value, and keeping the opportunity open, and getting links. Although , these days, I focus on natural links as much as possible..

That’s all. Short article today, people. 🙂


Organic Ranking but no Local Search 3 Pack Listings

I do not have a scientific measurement, nor do I feel the need to produce one, but in at least 66% – 75% of cases, if a business ranks organically, it will also rank in Google’s local results / map results.

It can be like clockwork. I’ve seen businesses come and go in he organic rankings and the local results will actually change in real time.

Ranking organically is definitely a factor.

What are the other factors?

To be honest, nobody knows. I do know, however, that the algorithm changes based on a wide variety of factors. Local results act differently in different cities. Local results act differently for different business types, as well. For example, massage therapists and attorneys may have a different set of rules in place for how Google ranks these businesses.

I should also point out, as I have many times before on this site, that results will vary depending on if you’re logged in, logged out, depending on where you are located, and what type of device you are searching from.

Here’s an odd result

As a random test I have been watching massage therapists in San Marcos California. Ok, maybe I know the people at Massage Green Spa. Anyways, in this result for the search “massage San Marcos CA”, Elements & Miracle show right up, but then, instead of Massage Green Spa showing up, Grand Massage shows up. What’s up with that? It would make more sense if Massage Envy or “A quiet place” showed up. But, they don’t..

Screenshot of massage therapists displaying in local search in San Marcos CA on 06/29/2016.

Screenshot of massage therapists displaying in local search in San Marcos CA on 06/29/2016.

Keep on keepin’ on

In cases like this it is best to just keep on moving forward. If you are ranking well organically you are doing something right.

Mistakes, such as having the wrong website address associated with your Google My Business page, will absolutely keep you from showing up. But, sometimes businesses do not display. In my experience, at some point, they will..  I’ll keep an eye on this result and update this article if/when needed.

Are you missing in the local pack?

If so, please feel free to email me. I’ll take a glance at your set up and see what there is to see.


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