no seo sales staff imageWe have no SEO sales staff here. We do not need one. We have never had one. We will never have one.

Upon the sale of my last company, which was made successful via great rankings and content, I started this venture, Telapost. Telapost is Latin for The future of the Web. I struggled for a while wondering “how would I live up to this name?”, “what exactly is the future of the web?”.

I had a friend, we’ll call him John. John was great at selling SEO. He is an extroverted “people person” that can sell ice to an Eskimo. He is my opposite. I know from previous business experiences to do what you’re great at and to hire other great people to do what they’re great at. I tried to hire him. It didn’t work out. Looking back, this was the best thing that could have ever happened to this company.

Why would any SEO company need an SEO sales staff?

These days this is the question that I ask myself. We now have great clients. We work with an international training company, a large law firm, real estate agents, and medical professionals- the list goes on. We turn businesses away that are not a great match for us. The word is out. We rank, and better yet we have word of mouth. Does anyone really need to be sold SEO? If your SEO salesperson doesn’t have people begging to vouch for them or epic content to share with you, run!

Somewhere, maybe there is an SEO firm that has a sales staff that is decent. I’m sure there aren’t many of them out there though. Isn’t the point of SEO inbound marketing? To get more exposure in search so that people come to YOU? If SEO is so great why on earth would you have someone out beating on doors and cold calling trying to sell it? Today someone cold called me trying to sell flashlights. No, I do not want your crummy flashlights.

If the customer I am trying to attract is an optometrist, should I go knock on his door and sell it to him? Would he or she ever try to get patients like that? Can you imagine getting a phone call and someone on the other end is asking you “So, when is the last time you had your eyes dilated?”. No. What we offer here sells itself. People beat our doors down for it. After they experience it, they call back to increase their budgets as it is hands down the most cost effective return on investment they’ve ever received.

Of course, some people want to be sold SEO. A lot of them do. People who need to be sold SEO have never experienced ranking in search. If they did, they wouldn’t need to be sold, and if they are sold, they’ll probably never experience this. It is a vicious cycle, isn’t it?

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