You heard it here first:

There is a new feature in Google’s mobile search results that came out a week or two ago. This feature highlights additional locations for multi-location businesses.  I call it “Other Locations For” as the carousel feature shows, well, other locations for a particular business.

Since Google has added this to Mobile search results, it is likely to appear on desktop search results in July or August 2018.

Here’s an example for a grocery store local to me, Food Lion:

I took a look at each of the locations, and as expected each was slightly further away from me. Of course, at the top of search results was the local listing to a Food Lion just a mile from me, but it was interesting to see this new feature towards the bottom of search results.

I think it would be nice if the address were listed. You have to click on each listing to see the address.

Google tested a similar feature once before in the Knowledge Panel.


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