websiteHere’s something you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet:

Internet users don’t want to see your website!

For the last 15 years on every site I have worked on I have kept them extremely simple to use, as blank and empty as possible, with a big a** phone number at the top right hand side of the screen which mobile users can click on.


Because people hate your website.

Why do people hate your website?

They just do. Very few people want to read your story or read all the text on your page. They trust Google search results. They land on your page and want to call you.

That’s it.

It’s not quite that drastic but as of 2016 the trend is there and growing.

Spammers know this.

Anyone who has experience ranking on the front page of Google search understands just how much time people spend on your site. And it is often as little as possible.

In fact, I recently wrote how people spam Google Local in 2016. In that article I point out a very little known fact. People, like locksmiths, will actually tie in their local phone number to YOUR website just to rank in map results. They do this because it will cause their phone number to show up in local search results.

That is when it first hit me. People don’t even want to GO to your site to begin with. Especially younger users!

Don’t cry about it!

Take all that stuff you heard about social signals, storytelling, etc. and throw it right out the window. Think like Google does and go for MOBILE FIRST. Chances are that mobile is the vast majority of your traffic anyways.


I have no desire to sit here and prove things to people however I will say that I recently worked on a real estate broker’s site. I made it look precisely the same as this website. Clean, simple. There are no pop ups or lead gen plugins at work. I scrapped all of his graphics. I got rid of the guy’s picture. I mean I really stripped it down. Leads drastically increased overnight and he received several emails including one which said “I’ll take x house tomorrow, I have $700,000 in cash”. This is a true story and the broker received around 10x the calls he had received before.

Remember, traffic is useless! Unless they pick up the phone and spend money with you.


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