I googled Pacquiao Mayweather earlier while watching the fight on PPV. A headline read something like “The winner of Pacquiao vs. Mayweather was Meerkat & Periscope.

I keep hearing about Meerkat. What exactly is the point of this software? To stream live video that you can’t record? I can already stream video that I can’t record. Heck, I can stream video that I CAN record… I don’t understand what the point of Meerkat is.

Anyways, I decide to not judge a Meerkat by it’s cover and install it. This app is hands down the worst app I’ve ever installed on my Android phone. I loaded the app which took about 7 minutes before it crashed. I fired up Meerkat again. Immediately I saw a stream and fired it up. The app crashed again. I got the app up a third time and tried to search streams. I couldn’t; maybe the function exists but if it can’t be accomplished in 2 seconds or less it may as well not exist. I go back to the first stream. Yup, there it is, Pacquiao Mayweather. @Brendan something or other is holding his phone and pointing it at his TV. Around 1,150 other people are watching. Unfortunately, every time someone “likes” the video the app freezes for about 3 seconds.

I uninstalled Meerkat.

But Meerket is in Beta, Len!

Yes, I know it is in Beta. I’ve seen thousands of programs in Beta. And, I used to program. To me, a Beta release is a piece of software that is “almost” ready for the real world; it is released to people who understand it is in Beta so they can run it in the real world and report back with any kinks they discovered. Beta does NOT mean the software freezes and crashes constantly.

Anyone declaring Meerkat “won” Mayweather vs Pacquiao is dead wrong. There are a lot of ways to find streaming PPV events online. HBO & Showtime had the rights to Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., and, they have absolutely nothing to worry about. Sure, a few people saw the fight for free on Meerkat, but free was overpriced.

Here’s a real Meerkat:



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