If you are trying to rank a website in a highly competitive niche or just genuinely trying to get the word out on a scholarship that you are offering you may have considered running and promoting a scholarship. Of course, this involves scouring the Internet for external scholarships and outside scholarships, contacting the schools, hoping they respond, and spending 10, 20, 50 or 100 hours of time.

I have personally compiled a huge list of EDU links and revised it many times over the years. My list is always current. I have personally vetted each and every site and I have many at my disposal. You will not find all of these EDU backlinks even with the standard searches. While there are over 500 pages of free information on this blog, this is not something I am willing to give away. This is an incredible time saver and extremely valuable. I do have two options for you to get the list.

1. If you need this level of SEO feel free to contact me today to set up a monthly package. I specialize in obtaining high quality, natural links and build them using methods such as scholarships as a last resort. Just last weekend some of my content was referenced on CNN. There are only a handful of SEOs on the planet offering SEO which can obtain these types of backlinks.

2. If you are a freelancer or an agency who needs this list of EDU links feel free to contact me. I am willing to sell chunks of it. Please do not waste my time or yours with offers of $500, etc. or your message will be ignored.  If your clients do not have money to rank, you will be far better off building this list manually than contacting me. I also will not work with deceptive businesses of any type. I may be open to interesting trades as well.

I can sort your backlinks by state and school type as well.

Some people looking for these links may wonder if they violate the search engine gods. The truth is, if you are building them exclusively to get a link this is probably against the rules. But if you genuinely want to help students it is not. Of course, it is impossible to determine someone’s motivation, isn’t it? In short, people have been building links this way for many many years and I have yet to see anyone penalized exclusively for running a scholarship. Could you be? Sure.

  1. Why is this type of edu link better than say a link on the schools local services, restaurants, etc?

  2. Thank you Alex, excellent question. Personally I like links used in context the most.

    This doesn’t apply to 95% of business owners, but some people are in some very tough niches and simply need links. A link from a .EDU domain is going to have great authority and power.

    If the school links externally to restaurants, and you have a restaurant, that is great news! A computer store that I work with provides services to a nearby college, and we were able to contact them and get added to their list.

    On the other hand, if you are a mortgage broker, personal injury or criminal defense lawyer, you may not be able to get links from a school so easily.

    These links are best used in moderation. I have seen people with over 200 .EDU links. I personally like to grab 5 or so from geographically or industry relevant colleges.

  3. Len, I am interested in working on the list manually. I am wondering what your charge for your list? Or parts if the list? Thanks for your reply in advance.

  4. edu links work better when it comes to build backlinks for a website. I usually create 5, 6 scholarship backlinks for a new site. very awesome strategy it is..thanks

  5. Hi,
    Do EDU links stay for every once we create or we need to keep on login in to be active.

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