If you are looking for a list of automotive blogs about cars, trucks, performance vehicles, car accidents, blogs which allow comments or guest posts, you can begin your search here.

To be honest, I’m not sure why I have this list. One of my virtual assistants compiled the list for me a year ago, and I am just cleaning my desktop off. Maybe it will save someone some time.

If you know of any great auto blogs that fit in please comment below at the bottom of this page.

List of Auto Blogs:

  1. AutoBlog
  2. Changing Lanes
  3. TopSpeed
  4. BMWBlog
  5. The Truth About Cars
  6. egmCarTech
  7. Green Car Reports
  8. HemmingsDaily
  9. Automoblog
  10. Motorlogy
  11. Indian Autos Blog
  12. Tundra Headquarters
  13. CarThrottle
  14. Autodeclics
  15. Car Lust
  16. National Motorists Association Blog
  17. The CarGurus Blog
  18. Motorward
  19. Luxvelocity
  20. Woman on Wheels
  21. Auto Motor Blog
  22. Ultimate Car Blog
  23. Ridestory
  24. Chris on Cars
  25. Import RPM
  26. Cartype
  27. The Detroit Bureau
  28. Green Car Congress
  29. GM-Volt
  30. Car and Driver
  31. Asphalt and Rubber
  32. Automotive Addicts
  33. BMWCoop
  34. CorvetteBlogger
  35. The Torque Report
  36. Motortrend
  37. Good Car Bad Car
  38. Flatsixes
  39. eBay Motors Blog
  40. The Chicane
  41. Belt Drive Betty’s Blog
  42. Clean Fleet Report
  43. Hydrogen Cars Now
  44. AutoTribute
  45. Wildsau
  46. Hot Rod Network
  47. The Weekly Driver
  48. The Korean Car Blog
  49. Jalopnik
  50. Autoextremist
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  2. Thanks Len, nice list. I like the blog and have visited it before.

    I will be sure to check out the others too.


  3. Hi Len, I love the, a daily-pdated Kia blog (yes, Kia has a fan blog too!!) 🙂



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