Searching Google for “Donald Trump” and other presidential candidates has turned up some interesting search results lately, most notably, the invite only social network Google Podium that almost nobody knows about.

Today in mobile search I Googled “Donald Trump” again to see what was there. Today, February 25, 2016, just half an hour before the next GOP debate on CNN, I discovered an “on the issues” feature. Right now I’m not sure if this is just due to the debates or if it will be a permanent fixture in mobile search throughout the election season.

Here’s what it looks like:

on the issues

Clicking on to the issues results in these topics:

  • immigration
  • abortion
  • guns
  • foreign policy
  • taxes
  • health care
  • economy and jobs
  • civil liberties
  • crime and safety
  • environment
  • education
  • national security
  • veterans
  • energy

on the issues screenshot2


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