In early 2018, many website owners began receiving a message from Google about a new version of Google Search Console. This edition is in beta and users can switch back and forth between the old version and the new version while the new version is being tested. It is likely that we will see new features and tweaks to the new version before the “beta” label goes away.

So far, the most interesting feature is “performance report”. As Google notes, the new GSC performance report shows metrics such as popular pages, search queries, impressions, click through rate and positions. Many people will be happy to find out that there is now 16 months of data, as well.

If you haven’t had the email yet as of January, don’t worry, you will likely receive it later this month or in February 2018.

Below is what the notification looks like:

Introducing the new Search Console (beta)

It reads:

To owner of http://*******.com/,

Search Console is introducing a redesigned product to help you manage your presence on Google Search. The new Search Console was rebuilt from the ground up to provide the tools and insights that site owners and SEOs have been asking for. You can now confirm which of your pages are indexed and get information on how to fix indexing errors. You can also monitor your performance on Google Search with 16-months of data (to enable year-over-year comparisons).

We recommend checking your current status using the new Search Console today, as we will only notify you if your site data changes from the current state.

Here’s a screenshot:

  1. Got my notice today!

  2. I read earlier that everyone has this but I just received my access today.

    • Yeah those other stories are incorrect; this is still rolling out. But, at least you have it now. yay!

  3. Looks like they’re rolling it out to the masses today, January 30.

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