instagram localInstagram is the current social network that keeps growing, growing, and growing. Instagram however currently lacks many local features.

Local features Instagram lacks

Users can tag locations on Instagram and there are geolocation features. As of March 2015 Instagram currently lacks:

  • An easy way to search for photos by location. (Third party sites exist but do not work correctly).
  • An easy way for businesses to discover pictures posted at their location.
  • A good way for businesses to add their location. (Some business locations can be tagged, some can not be).


Possibilities of Instagram Local

If Instagram implemented more local features it would help brand engagement. For example, if a user geotags a photo at a business location, the business could engage with the user by sharing the photos to their stream, and/or commenting on the images, etc.

Maybe a “photos near me” or other features could come to life as well, based on a user’s location.

When will we get Instagram Local?

I would not be surprised at all to see Instagram add features like this at some point in the near future. Then again, maybe it won’t, and people like Instagram the way it is. I’m betting that people at Instagram have already discussed many of these possibilities. If we see an Instagram Local I am guessing it comes about in 2015.

What do you think?


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