I have written about the new images appearing in local packs quite a few times now. Google first began testing this in January 2017. They also began testing “4 packs” (3 local results + 1 ad) in mobile search results this year too.

Now I am finally seeing a combination, which is images in the 4 packs.

The search below was for Cary Cell Phone Repair.

Screenshot: Google Local 4 pack with images on 3/16/2017

As you can see the “Ad” text also has the new inverted green/white coloring.

Is Google changing the way the local packs look?

It would appear that they are heavily testing search results in local packs. The changes are now affecting desktop users as well. If the changes stick or not has yet to be announced, but given the fact that they are testing this more and more tells me that the changes will soon impact everyone.

I have been able to get the image results now in many cities around North Carolina, the United States and Australia. I wish I had more time to play with it, but then again above is all I really need to know; changes are coming, many of which a lot of people won’t even care about. 🙂

Attorneys, optometrists and other business owners should put up their best headshot or logo as their image to catch people’s attention.


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