To make a scary face on Snapchat, follow these steps:

  1. Update Snapchat to the recent version released September 15, 2015.
  2. With your front facing camera, tap your face. This will bring up the list of available selfie filters.
  3. Select the “scary face” filter (aka the zombie filter)
    scary face snapchat filter
  4. Open your mouth!

That’s it. You will likely hear a roar as well.

If the scary face Snapchat filter is not working for you it could because you have an Android phone. It seems that the filter is broken on Android devices. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it will not work, but I have tested it on the iPhone 5c, 5s, and iPhone 6 with no problem. Hopefully an update will fix this.

UPDATE: Snapchat has removed this filter. Will it return?See the comments below!

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Here’s a video showing the zombie face filter:

  1. Dang it, when will this work for Android phones??

  2. I just downloaded it…. And there’s no filters like that :/
    I have iPhone 5s

    • Hold it down for a while, it’ll work

    • Yes, same here. Those filters like vomiting rainbow, scary face, smug face has been removed. But will still return, so that kinda gives us hope lol.

  3. They removed those filters now it’s kid friendly filters :/

    • Say it isn’t so…! I’ve looked high and low for that exact one lol

      • It isn’t though, the newly filters are kid friendly. Dang it.

    • Say it isn’t so…! I’ve looked high and low for that exact one lol

    • They still have the scary bunny one, that’s not exactly kid friendly

  4. I have a 5s and no luck 🙁

  5. Please tell me how to get the scary faces. Did snapchat REALLY remove them???

  6. I am SOOO disappointed snapchat removed them! A few idiots have to ruin it for everyone else just like most other cool things.

    • As a new filter is released, they let the oldest one go. There are 7 available at any given time.

  7. I have an iPhone 6 and this filter is not available to me.

    • As a new filter is released, they let the oldest one go. There are 7 available at any given time.

  8. Omg they removed them !! They are losers

  9. I downloaded the app just for this filter. And it’s gone… as is the app now I guess. Rainbow barf just ain’t the same.

  10. downloaded it just for the scary face filter and the old face etc.. bring the fun ones back.

  11. I just installed this app for the scary face filters. Bummer… Uninstalled.

  12. Just wanted it for the scary face filter…that blows! 😑

  13. Why did they take it out?I mean,if it was too scary for children then why can’t we just be able to pay for it or something?I don’t know,but they should find a way for us to use it because I really liked it.

  14. I just updated my iPhone 5s for just the scary face snapchat ! & I don’t have it ! 😒 . The only reason why I updated was for the scary face .

  15. This needs to work for android we need it please let it work for android forreal more people use amdroids than iphones i need the lens on androids

  16. Bring it back

  17. I have it on my snap chat. But, I need to buy it for 99

  18. Damnt it !

  19. Why not Let us choose our own filters instead of replacing the “0ld” filters with less entertaining ones . The scary face one was the best one by far and one day POOF! IT’S GONE!

  20. I have a droid which one that isnt fair it doesnt work for those phones and two thats the only reason i brought my snapchat back was bc ive been trying to find an app like that one and none are remotely like that. Bring it back and make avail. for everyone. If ppl are scaring their kids with it then that on them. Us as parents are in control of what our children see and do.. Snapchat shouldnt take it off if its the most popular one they had on there and everyone wants it back! If its in concern bc parents are scaring kids well then there shouldnt be scary costumes at halloween or haunted houses.. COme on now so their reasoning is ridiculous

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