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Why would a personal injury attorney want an infographic?

They’re neat! And shareable. And, if bloggers use them, they create backlinks, which of course help websites rank better and ultimately result in more cases. Read more about blacklinks for attorneys here at personal injury attorney SEO.

Getting links from infographics

The best links are natural, and that is how search engine companies want you to get them – naturally. Often, an embed code is offered beside the infographic. When bloggers use this embed code it contains a link back to the target site. It is fine if you want to offer a “free to use” infographic with required attribution and most bloggers will attribute your work to you even without this embed code. For people to share your infographic it must be very clean, valuable, and contain great information (think great design, information, and story).

Another way attorneys get a few quick links from infographics is by submitting them to infographic distribution sites such as these:

Personal Injury Infographic Examples

Below are some distracted driving infographics that I found online.

texting infographicThis one is by Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney Ed Smith (image credit). I like this one because it is simple and easy to see a few basic stats on the dangers of texting and driving.

distracted driving infographic(Image credit) In the infographic above, Bottaro Law Firm getrs their point across in a creative way. They have several infographics on their website.


DUI vs distracted driving infographic

The above infographic by infographicszone points out that distracted driving is much more dangerous than driving under the influence.



texting and driving infographicFinally, the above infographic shows driving habits of the different genders to raise awarenewss (image credit).


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