Each new article is a new opportunity for someone to find you in search when they need you most. The amount of content your business needs and how often it is produced is up to you.


So… Today a client asked me how frequently his blog should be updated…

I once owned a service oriented business. The content was so successful we had to get 4 phone lines. There was no other form of advertising needed. The blog took off around 2004 and as of 2015 the place is busier than ever. How much content was there? A decade in, I had around 1,400 articles written.

Now that we have established that content works, the question remains. How often should you blog for your business?

There is no good answer

Many business owners do not have time to blog. Most of them hire me to write their content for them. I write for doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, plumbers, etc.

Each new article is a new opportunity for someone to find you in search when they need you most. Or, when you need THEM most!

Every business is different. I have seen informative websites that get zero calls for months. Attorneys often get no calls for some reason for months on end, then, the big call comes in and it all pays off. In other cases where the transaction is say, $150, the phone may ring off the hook. I have also had excellent success in real estate.

How people search

Not everyone searches for “Real Estate Agent, Raleigh NC”.

A lot of people search for “Which homes have a swimming pool in their neighborhood?” or “new homes close to Mayburry Middle School”. If you are a real estate agent with this content on your website, your next clients will find you on the Internet.

It’s that simple.

In most niches, we have what I call the content drought. Businesses not crafting up content. Get to it! The opportunity is huge.

How to Create an unlimited amount of content

Either hire someone to do it for you, or sit down and start cranking out articles. If you articles aren’t showing up in search, you’re typing them wrong. It is beyond the scope of this article, but content must be crafted in a way that search engines love in order for your potential clients to discover it. Sometimes SEO is needed. Sometimes your website needs an overhaul. Sometimes, you’re just going to be helpless without the help of an expert who has ranked things in search daily for a decade. Depending on topic uniqueness, the length of content matters. If you run out of ideas, answer questions that your customers are asking when you answer the phone and make a list of them. The possibilities are endless.

How often should you blog for your business? Well, I don’t know about you, but I blog for mine as much as possible. Telapost is my 3rd company, and all have been very successful thanks to SEO and content.

Blogging frequency improves topical relevance

Read this article and pay close attention to it. In a nutshell, if you cover a particular topic over and over again, your site will perform better for blog articles on the same topic.


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