There are situations when Google tries but just doesn’t do a great job. Or, a competitor has been manipulating the algorithm, or, a good company hired a crappy SEO guru, or, they have just neglected their online presence, either because they didn’t understand how important it was or they simply did not need it. Regardless of the cause, some highly rated professionals and businesses could rank better in Google search.


Spokane Injury Lawyers: In May 2016 I looked at the status of Spokane Personal Injury attorneys and their current rankings. The #1 ranking result in the area is a website belonging to “Swapp”. Is this a great local Spokane attorney though? It turns out the lawyer is in Utah. By looking at the local results we can easily spot the highest rated personal injury firm in the area is Crary, Clark, Domanico, & Chuang, P.S.  This Spokane Personal Injury Law Firm “should” be ranking much higher as they are quite possibly one of the oldest and highest rated law firms for hundreds of miles. Their existing site is built on FindLaw. Is that causing damage? I will be answering that question in an upcoming article in the very near future.


Houston Computer Repair: In Houston, if you look at the search engine results pages you’ll see a variety of stores which show up organically. But, one has been around since 1992, offers more advanced repairs, and has a whopping 222 reviews. You wouldn’t notice this unless you clicked through to the map results. That biz is UPI Communications. These days it looks like they do a lot of iPhone repair in Houston.


What to do?

When issues like these present themselves it is best to hire someone who actually knows what they are doing when it comes to SEO. Of course, such individuals and firms are needles in haystacks but once you find one who puts out unique content on a regular basis be sure to contact them. They can quickly identify the issue and come up with an actionable plan to get you to the top where you should be.


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