I rarely put this kind of news on this blog but bear with me here, as I have some BREAKING NEWS.

The boxed layout test has been affecting people all over the world randomly since June 2016. It picked up steam in January 2016 and I wrote about it a few days ago here, and quite a few people were actually interested in my lame little article. So, for them, I have an update: The boxed layout now has a grey background!

🚨 Sound the alarms! 🚨

The color is #FAFAFA, to be exact.

Anyways, here is the screenshot. When I noticed this I Googled “google testing boxed layout” to see what would pop up. I almost never bother checking my own rankings but I was indeed happy to see my tiny little article right at the top of search. Yay me.

As always, here is a screenshot to satisfy your deep curiosity:

Screenshot 1/26/2017 1AM Eastern Time – grey background with Google boxed layout. w00t

I personally think this is leaps and bounds better than the previous test.

Will Google make it permanent?

What do you think?


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