I am writing this On June 1, 2106, but I am sure there will be fluctuations in Google search again this month. In May we had an update to the mobile algorithm and there were definitely fluctuations affecting some niches around May 8 – 10, at least for attorneys in California.

It is important to note that not all tweaks to the algorithm affect every search on the entire planet. This is a huge misconception in the SEO industry. While I do not sit here and document it, I have seen tweaks on hundreds of occasions which seem to affect one particular topic, geographical area or target another set of parameters. When this news is released by Google in many years from now people will go nuts.

Rankings changes

In one niche that I monitor, pages have been shuffling all around. One attorney who I’ve had my eye on rocketed on to the front page of google. This person in particular is using spam techniques straight out of 2005. Apparently, they still work. Will a penalty kick in? I think so, eventually. I guess I will monitor the situation and see how long their results last.

Of course not everyone making it to the front page in May or June was guilty of spam.

Did you see your rankings change?

Did they go up? Go down? Did traffic increase? What did you see?


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