There is a lot of speculation online and many people will tell you that if you get Google reviews too quickly that they will be flagged and removed.

However, on many occasions I have seen businesses receive reviews in rapid succession. If there is a certain number of reviews which triggers a flag, I have not seen it. It is possible that a flag of some sort was indeed triggered but that these reviews stood up to review. And they should, because they are legitimate reviews. But, I do not think that is the case.

Here is a screenshot of a business I manage getting reviews very rapidly. It received half a dozen reviews in one day, 3 of which were all in (1) 90 minute period:

3 reviews

screenshot of multiple reviews being left for a business

We literally had no control of the “review velocity”.

One thing is for sure though- if you show up in local search results, the reviews do help.

If you need assistance showing up in local search results or getting more legitimate reviews please feel free to contact me today.


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