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The Google Podium Logo featuring the people at the podium.

2 or 3 weeks ago we documented Google Podium here on the blog.

A business or two have been spotted in Google search engine results pages but for the moment it appears that Google Podium is still limited mostly to verified accounts, or more specifically, verified US presidential candidates.

Which begs the question: Will all verified users get access to Google Podium Posts?

According to the Google Podium website: “Currently, this feature is an experiment that is only available to the 2016 US presidential candidates. In the future, we plan to make it available to other prominent figures and organizations. If you’re interested, please join the waitlist.”

So, there you have it. Google Podium will be available to prominent figures and organizations. If you fall into this category you will be able to use your verified Google Podium account to post right to Google SERPs.

As for verification, ALL Google Podium accounts have a verified badge on them, as seen here:

donald trump podium profile pic

The chances of Google letting people post directly to SERPs is 0%.


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